Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Simple Life!

I love our simple life.  I don't mean 'simple' in that it's easy to raise and home-school seven children (My husband wanted me to add that part so people won't start asking us to babysit!) But 'simple' in that we're not committed to and involved in all kinds of outside activities. Actually, the Lord has blessed us with a period of being financially strapped, living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes wondering where the money will come to pay the next bills that are due.  Because of this, we've been forced to stay close to home and not sign up for activities, and it has honestly been a blessing to our family.  Sometimes I look at other families and I think, “How on earth do they do it?” Or actually, "WHY do they do it?" Do people from my generation remember growing up driving all over the place to one activity after another?  I don't.  All I remember is day after day playing outside with my sister and the neighborhood kids....riding our bikes, learning gymnastic tricks, playing jump rope, roller-skating, playing "Charlie's Angels" (lol) and then coming inside to have dinner and watch a bit of television with my parents.

Some of the blessings of living 'close to home':  We eat our meals together, spend lots of time outside and at the pool, watch movies, ride bikes, read the Bible and pray together, drink tea and talk. With seven children, there’s always someone “new” to play with and sometimes the kids keep themselves occupied for hours playing outside or doing crafts or playing with toys, and I will pay bills, or cook the next meal, or sometimes just sit and rest!  My kids might be just "so-so" at basketball and gymnastics, but, thank God they know and love his Word!  If we had had the money to sign up for all kinds of activities, we may have missed this huge blessing! (I'm NOT saying, of course, that you can't be excellent in a sport and still know and love God's Word!)
Photo: Little guy's last day of swimming for a few days. Tomorrow is surgery to repair a hernia and get a bone anchored hearing aid. Pray for all to go smoothly and no complications with his heart/lungs.  Thank you!!
Since being forced to stay at home, and falling in love with it, the thought of having to pack kids up, take them to a class, wait around for an hour and then drive home makes me cringe.   

I've learned that having a lot of money isn't always a blessing from God.  Sometimes the Lord draws us closer to himself by keeping things tight and keeping us relying on him--and that is a blessing that beats money any day. That is the road we are on right now.  I don's say that it is the road God has for everyone at every point in their lives.  But for now, this is us. 

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