Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 2 with "Tyler"

Today was day 2 with little “Tyler”. Remember yesterday that I said he’s a reserved little guy, pretty independent, curious, etc.? Well, today he seemed so happy to see us again and I put out my arms to pick him up and he went to me right away. Then, almost the whole three hours we were there he just wanted me to carry him. This was a big difference from the little boy who was more interested in playing with the toys than getting to know us. We were amazed at how still he sat with me holding him—not caring to do anything but just stay in my arms. He was so calm and peaceful and his little smile is just adorable. Sometime towards the end, the social worker came in and asked him to perform a poem and a couple of songs for us. He must be used to this because he stood right up and proceeded to say the entire poem and then sing two pretty long songs, all the while rocking to the beat. And at the end, he took a little bow—it was so cute! See the poem by clicking HERE (for now it's just my husband's Facebook page because we're having trouble downloading it to YouTube)! He has good pitch and rhythm, but, of course, you cannot understand what he is saying because he mainly can only pronounce vowel sounds because of his severe cleft palate. It’s incredibly sad that he was never able to get corrective surgery, because he has so much he knows to communicate, but must daily be faced with people not understanding him. We will get him home as soon as possible and try to schedule the surgery he needs. After speech therapy, his life will change….finally being able to relate the way he wants to with the rest of the world. I cannot wait to see the change.

When the social worker came to get him at the end of the visit, he did not want me to put him down. When I did, I had to kind of pry him off of me. He did not cry or whine—he was absolutely quiet and had a pleasant look on his face the whole time. It was just like he was saying, “No, thank you I will just stay here with you.” It made us so sad to convince him that he had to leave. But the social worker explained to him that he would eat lunch and take a nap and that then we would come back.

When we came for the second visit, we decided it was best for me not to be carrying him around the whole time, because it would make it harder for him when he had to leave. So we just brought a whole bunch of toys—cars, trains, markers, etc. and engaged him in play. Norman played ball with him for a long time and he just cracked up laughing (still a reserved laugh but it was cracking up for him!) whenever Norman would bounce the ball off of his head We also brought a plaster set and made an imprint of his hand and wrote his name next to it. See the video of making the hand print HERE! (for now it's just posted on my husband's Facebook page because we're having trouble posting the videos to YouTube)  When it dries we will put a ribbon through the hole that we made and hang it up with the hand imprints of our other children. When the three hour visit was over, we gave him several toy cars stuffed in his pockets and some animal balloons. The social worker told him that we would come back one more time tomorrow and that after that we had to leave to go home to prepare his bedroom for him and that one day later we will come back to the orphanage and bring him home with us. We showed him some pictures from the photo book we made—showed him where his bed was, where he will sit at the dinner table, where he will sit on the couch, etc. We also gave him a picture of the three of us (that we had printed mid-day) for the social worker to tape to the wall next to his bed. All the workers there are soooo happy that “Tyler” finally has a family. They hate that he is stuck without such a necessary surgery and say that he has so much potential.

Throughout our three visits, “Tyler” carried around a little stuffed cat that he found in the visiting room. You could tell he really cared for the cat—trying to feed it snack, laying it in a wagon, etc. But the animal isn’t really his—it’s for the visiting room, so we decided to buy him a stuffed animal of his own (the staff said he could keep it for himself). So, we got back to the hotel around 6:30 and started walking around the shopping areas looking for a stuffed animal to give him tomorrow. We knew most of the shops close at 7 so we tried to rush. Right at 7PM we saw a stuffed teddy bear in a shop window and went in to buy it quickly before they closed. When we picked up the bear we saw that he had on a little t-shirt with a photo of a child printed on it. We said, “We have to get this bear with a picture of the three of us and give it to him tomorrow!” When we asked the shop owner what time they closed, he said 7PM. Well, Norman, for the first time probably in his life, didn’t have his phone on him—it was back at the hotel! We asked what time they opened in the morning. 10 AM. We had to leave at 8:45 for our last visit with “Tyler”. So we explained the situation to him and he asked, “ How long will it take you to get to the hotel and Obicham te tolkova mnogo....!back?” (Thankfully most people here speak enough English to communicate on a basic level!!) We told him 20 minutes and he told us that he would wait for us. We rushed back to the hotel with strong wind and pouring rain, got the phone, came back to the shop and got the shirt made for the teddy bear. While waiting for the shirt, I pressed his belly and heard the recording in Bulgarian, “Obicham te tolkova mnogo.... Obicham te tolkova mnogo.... Obicham te tolkova mnogo....!!” (I love you soooo much!) There could not have been a better gift to give him on our last visit.

Tomorrow we get to see him in his Christmas play practice (was supposed to be today but they moved it). Then we take him to get his visa picture, and then we give him some gifts and say goodbye. I don’t know if he will understand that we are coming back to get him, but I know the orphanage staff will keep reminding him of us, and I pray that God will give us favor and expedite both the finances and the government paperwork necessary to bring him home. When we leave his orphanage, we head three hours west to the second boy’s orphanage—9-yr-old “Chase”. While we are soooo sad to say goodbye to Tyler, we are also really excited to meet Chase. If I have internet connection tomorrow I will write all about our first visit. Every day is so busy and we are having a really blessed time being here. We love the country—love the food (also love the prices of the food!) and love so many of the people.

If you would consider making a tax-deductible donation towards our adoptions through Reece’s Rainbow, please visit HERE. Thank you so much—especially for your prayers. Off to bed now (it’s seven hours later here) Goodnight!

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