Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Birthday to Our Son in Bulgaria


Our Sweet Son Benjamin,

Today is your 10th birthday but we won’t get to celebrate it with you because you are halfway around the world. We were supposed to be traveling home with you today, on your birthday, but the agency couldn’t get your birth certificate in time. And now, because of holidays in May, our pick up trip has been delayed another four weeks. I wonder if you still believe we are coming back for you to bring you to “America!” You were so excited when we told you back in December that we were adopting you, but it’s been four months since you’ve seen us.

We left 17 gifts for you…..mostly puzzles……along with pictures of you with me and Daddy. We asked your orphanage to give you one every week so that you would know that we love you and are thinking about you, and so that you would be assured that we are coming back to get you. If they gave you one each week, then your last gift will be tomorrow. We thought we’d be back to get you by now, or else we would have left more. Hopefully they will tell you that we will be there soon.

I don’t think you even know that it’s your birthday today. When we visited you in December you weren’t sure how old you were and we learned that your orphanage is too poor to have birthday celebrations. I doubt the caregivers even know it’s your birthday. All of your brothers and sisters here are so sad that they can’t be with you today and that you aren’t having a birthday party—not even a cake—or one birthday present. So when we bring you home at the end of May we will celebrate your birthday along with your other new brother, Steven. We will have a piñata filled with candy—I bet you’ve never swatted at one of those before—it’s a lot of fun!

We wish we could call you today to wish you a Happy Birthday. We found your orphanage’s phone number and have been trying to call to see if we can talk to you but there is no answer. We have the phrases “Happy Birthday” “We miss you” “We love you” and “We will see you soon” memorized….though we would have no idea what you would be saying back to us. Anyway, we will keep trying to call for a couple of more hours—after that it will be bedtime for you. Even if we don’t get to talk to you today, we are praying for you….praying that God will allow us to get there as quickly as possible….praying that you are well cared for….praying that you are happy, and that you remember that we’ll be there soon to bring you home with us.

We love you so much Benjamin and are so happy that you are officially our son. We can’t wait to get there and see you again and bring you home to your new forever family. God bless you sweet boy!

Mama and Tatko

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