Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Love of Christ Compels Us

Recently an adoptive mom who I’m friends with on Facebook posted something to this effect: “You cannot shame Christians into adopting. If you can get them to adopt by making them feel guilty, then they’ll be full of their own self-righteousness. Christians need to truly KNOW the love of God before they can love orphaned children. It’s not selfishness that is their problem—it’s not knowing God’s love! They don’t have the revelation of adoption because they don’t have the revelation of the awesome, grandiose love of God!” (highly paraphrased by me as I can no longer find that post!!)

That post has stuck with me these past couple of weeks. It always baffled me when fellow Christians would ask us what made us decide to adopt. I’d want to wrinkle up my face, cock my head to the side and say, “Huh?.......... What do you think?  Isn't it obvious??  Isn't it what we're called to?”

I’ve written posts here in the past that had the feeling of “What’s wrong with you people? You call yourselves Christians? Don’t you know that whatever you do for the least of all is what you are doing for Christ? Don’t you know that the type of religion God finds faultless is caring for orphans and widows? Don’t you know that you were adopted into God’s family and that there are over 20 million orphans registered right now for International adoption and that YOU, a child of GOD, could give a home to one of them? Why is the body of Christ so selfish!!!!”

But honestly, I’m so glad that Carolyn wrote that post—it convicted me. Instead of pointing out how selfish the American church has become, better to share with them the deep, deep love of Jesus….......vast, unmeasured, boundless, free!

It's only when we have the revelation of God’s love in our own lives that we can love unselfishly. Without it, anything we do will be in our own strength—and we will more likely fail than succeed….though Christ has a wonderful way of taking our errors and turning them around for his glory! So friends, if you don’t have the revelation of giving your life to care for the orphan, or the widow, or the stranger, or the poor… into the love of God! Bathe yourself in it! Dive in and open your heart to receive it. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal himself to you. If there is sin that needs to be dealt with, run from it as if running from some dreadful disease. Don’t allow anything to stand in between you and your communion with the Holy God who has adopted you and seated you in Heavenly places with Christ!

Lastly, friends, PLEASE pray with me right now for Carolyn’s son, Danny. This beautiful woman and her husband have adopted many, many children, and have raised so much awareness about adoption of children with special needs, especially children with HIV. Their young son, Danny was just hospitalized for sudden kidney failure and he needs a miracle for his kidneys to be healed and start functioning again.

“Oh Father God…..we lift up Danny to you right now, and trust you for a miracle in his body. We speak life and health to his kidneys right now. We plead the blood of Jesus over him and call for his kidneys to function properly in Jesus’ name! Lord, send your healing power to his hospital room….bring life and make him whole…..and let the peace of God reign! Let him and his family know that you are the God who heals, the God who loves us, and who restores. All of our hope and faith and trust are in you Lord. We thank you that we will see a miracle in Danny’s body…in your Son Jesus’ name!! Amen!”

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