Monday, November 12, 2012

Waiting and Waiting....New Update on Our Adoptions

Many of you already know that Norman and I have been matched with two of the sweetest looking boys in Bulgaria that you've ever seen.  "Max" is 12 and has some minor special needs--spina bifida in the lower spine (he walks and runs, etc) and he is blind in one eye due to his strabismus never being taken care of (so sad!)  He is described as charming and very helpful to the younger children and he has stated that he wants to be adopted.  Then there's "Chase" who is 9 but looks and acts about 6 years old.  He has some mild cognitive delays and also some vision issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible so he doesn't lose sight in one of his eyes.  Both boys love to sing, and we have many videos we wish we could share with you so you could hear how sweet they sound.  Thankfully they sing on pitch!! because Norman and I are both musicians and it's really hard for us not to cringe when hearing off-pitch singing (lol--jk)  We turned in our dossier at the very beginning of September and we thought that we would have already traveled by now to meet the boys and fill out the official paperwork.  But I guess the translating took longer than expected and then when our file was ready to be presented, it turns out the Ministry of Justice decided to move into a new building.  So their weekly meetings were suspended until they could get settled in.  We were told they wouldn't be meeting until November, but November 6th came and went still with no news (their meetings are every Tuesday).  So tomorrow is Tuesday again and we are really hoping to hear when we can travel to visit the boys.  They don't know we're coming.  The children aren't told anything until the parents finally get there and meet them.  And we're not supposed to post pictures or videos of them until after we've met as well, which is why you don't see any pics of them here on our web site (but soon hopefully!!)

Aside from waiting to find out when we make our first trip, we are also eagerly waiting to see if the MOJ will match us with a third little boy.  He just turned 6-years-old last Monday.  He has some serious medical needs.  First of all, his abdominal organs are located on the opposite side from where they should be.  This normally wouldn't be that big of a deal except for the fact that his heart is in the correct position--making the connection to the lungs awkward and resulting in cardio insufficiency.  We are praying for little "Tyler" that God would touch his body and cause his heart to function at 100% capacity--that his oxygen levels would go from 84 to 100%.  He will need some surgeries once he gets here--to repair a cleft palate and also to make an auditory canal where there is none.  On top of the situs inversus (organs reversed) he also has Goldenhar syndrome (hence the cleft palate and missing ear canal).  It might sound like a lot but we know that our God goes before us and he provides everything we need.  All of our children already pray for "Tyler" and they can't wait to love on him and play with him and help him progress in his speech.  Did I mention that we have really been BLESSED with the most loving, tender-hearted children ever?  If you are friends of ours or family then you know what I'm talking about.  They are truly a blessing to us! 

Norman and I are pretty experienced with adopting from foster care, but the whole process of International Adoption has been new territory for us.  First, there was the decision of what country to adopt from and what agency to use.  Then there was choosing which wating child to request--there are SOOOO many and your heart just cries for each one and wants to find a way to bring them all home.  Well, we were only approved for three so that's how many we requested!  Then there is a ton of paperwork and getting things notarized and getting apostille seals.  And then applying for grants and doing one fundraiser after another....The finances of this adoption have gotten a little overwhelming but we know that God will provide.  We've already raised several thousand thanks to friends and family and our church, and we are believing God to bring in the rest in due time.  I've been pretty patient throughout the process.  I look at this waiting time as a time to really dig in deeply with the four children we already have at home, and to spend as much time as possible with them because I know that once we bring our new boys home, our family will be in a bit of an upheaval and there won't be enough of mom and dad to go around at first.  So, I'm enjoying this quiet time with "only" four children and also really excited about how it will be when our family grows to 8 or 9.  But I'll admit, I'm getting a little bit impatient with the International Adoption Committee and REALLY hope they are settled in to their new offices so they can meet tomorrow and get us some approvals and travel invitations!!  If you are following our adoption journey, please pray for our family over these next few months--pray for God's will and his peace; pray for the finances to come in, and pray for our boys' smooth adjustment into our family and for God to do a miracle both in their physical bodies and in their spiritual lives.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  God bless you and please let me know if we can be praying for you as well and feel free to contact me if you'd like to learn more about the blessing of adoption!!

New Update:  We just found out that we did indeed get approved for the third little boy, so we are all very excited!!  Our children have been praying for him every day and they can't wait to meet all three boys.  We wanted to try to travel to meet the boys in December but our partner agency doesn't think they will have the paperwork ready in time, so it's more likely we will travel in January.  More waiting, but it's all in God's time and he has his plans and purposes for all of us

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