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The Story of the Bible for Children


A Pro-Life Must Read for Teens


"Connect the dots" from Genesis to Revelation! Readers will get "the big picture" of THE story of the Bible, with events told in chronological order.     Free audio book CDs included with purchase!
*Also available free of charge: The Tree of Life Curriculum Guide!  Download Curriculum Guide Here
Includes over 500 activities & questions to help students gain a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.
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The Tree of Life, by Lisa Garcia

The Least of These: Calling for America's Youth to Defend the Unborn
Recent studies show that a greater percentage of young people than older adults oppose abortion. And that is a hopeful statistic for millions of unborn babies, because young adults and adolescents are the future leaders of this county. Sadly, the average American citizen has no idea what abortion even involves. But if the younger generation will learn the facts and stand up for the unborn, our country and the entire world could see a huge drop in the numbers of abortions performed every year.

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The Least of These, by Lisa Garcia

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